Custom Form Design

I have 25 years experience making forms. Printable forms, fillable forms, forms connected to databases, custom XML based PDF forms; forms for organizations, associations, and societies; hobby groups and local clubs; store owners for both physical and online stores, individuals, local businesses, dentists, doctors, and more.

As a designer, I empathize with the person using the form. My goal is to make a form easy to use and beautiful to look at. Trained in print design, I made my first 'form' as a part-time office assistant.

The old form was a poor photocopy of the original; crooked, fuzzy and ugly. After many revisions, and much user testing, I was able to make a new beautiful version. Clear typography, crisp lines on the checkboxes, generous white space, and even better - a digital template.

Now I make online forms but the same principles apply. As a developer I strive for security and practicality. How the form returns its results makes a huge difference when planning an online form.

Common Forms - Privacy Policy

Do you have a form on your website; do you collect personal information from your visitors?

If yes, you need a privacy policy.

vpnMentor has a great article on Privacy Policies for websites.

Termsfeed is an online service that provides a free and easy way to generate the templates for user-friendly "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policies" for websites.

Iubenda another example of an online generator for Privacy Policies.

Check out my case study on professional form design.