Global Power Site public inventory page

Global Power Systems, 2007

The owner of a small diesel engine repair company needed a website to advertise his business. The solution I provided was a database backed inventory system. The public website included an inventory for sale, complete with photos of the items.
The site included a custom flash animation introduction.
To accomodate off-line reference, the site included a print friendly catalogue.

Edmonton Day Trips regional map page

Edmonton Day Trips, 2005

Edmonton Day Trips needed an online solution for sharing their content. The main challenge was to organize the information in multiple systems. I designed an HTML site that included a regional map based system for those searching geographically .
For people searching by interest, the main top navigation menu was organized by activity.

Floclog website home page

W.E. Gowdy & Associations, 2013

W.E. Gowdy & Associates needed a portfolio focused website. I designed a professional HTML based site that was one of my 'responsive' sites.

The unique color block design was replicated on the business cards I designed. Given the unique services, the business provided, SEO was a big focus of my work both when planning the site architecture and when adding the business content.

Julaine Scott's website home page

My Personal Site, 2001

My personal site has undergone many revisions since this intital design.

Alberta Society of Orthodontists website home page

Alberta Society of Orthodontists, 2016

The website for the society needed to solve two needs: the public needed to find orthodontists, and the members needed the ability to pay dues and register for their annual conference. The Find a Specialist tool used a custom Google Maps integration along with a database backend to display a list of specialists, searchable geographically.

Clean layout, generous white space, and overall attention to detail were key components of the interface.

Snags Truck Parts website home page

Snags Truck Parts, 2018

A part shop for heavy-duty trucks needed a promotional website. Bright colours, large buttons, and large fonts were chosen to assist the target audience using the site.

Based on an earlier design, this version of the design was responsive and intented to display better on mobile devices.

Canadian Numismatic Bibliography Project

Canadian Numismatic Bibliography Project, 2002

The orange colour of the site was chosen to compliment the colour tones of the paper money. The site was built to advertise the Ultimate Book for the Collector of Canadian material.