Websites are not Static

They are dynamic, engaging, and up to date. Regular maintence keeps your website ranking up and your visitors returning.

Do you want to update your own site? I offer an "update your own site" tool that allows you to manage the content (text, pictures, videos, forms, etc) on your Web site.

I encourage everyone to update their content on their sites regularily. Fresh, relevant content is what visitors seek when visiting a website.

Want a redesign? Have a site that does not work on phones and iPads?

I can help

Not for Profit Organizations

Do you belong to a society, organization, or association? Do you need a members' system with online membership payments, registration forms, and/or members only content?

Tired of trying to make new forms every year?

Looking for a way to pass knowledge along when volunteer positions change?

Ask me how I can help you.


It's the Little Things that Count

I provide a wide range of services for my clients, many of which go unnoticed, so I decided to make a list of the many little things Web site maintenance includes.