PDF Form Design

When the pile of printed forms for writing a Site Visit Report was depleted, the client came to me searching for a more permanent solution.

Translating the existing form's interface to a digital format required pixel perfect design and sophisticated scripting. The finished PDF form was used by all field service technicians to prepare a professional site visit report for company records and for their customers.

Functional Forms

Based on the improved productivity the company experienced with the site visit report, I was asked to help convert the paper based Expense Report as well.

This report was more complex. The original paper form (shown below in green) captured only the expense information. The accouting department needed a better way to collate the expenses. I designed a PDF fillable form that was used first by the employee, then handed off to the accounting staff to complete the summary reports.

Testing a Complex Form

Given the number of steps involved in creating the finished product and the number of stakeholders involved, I decided to structure the design process as follows.